Artists and Activities in Birthday Shining Stars


Hostess/girls for Exhibition
Hostess/girls for Events
Exhibition Hostess
Hostess for weddings
Hostess for marriage Events
Hostess for mall activity
Hostess for Mall Activities
Hostess for Road Show
Host/Male/Boys for Exhibition
Host/Male/Boys for Events
Host/Male/Boys for weddings
Host/Male/Boys for marriage
Host/Male/Boys for mall activity
Host/Male/Boys for Mall Activities
Host/Male/Boys for Road Show
Event Hostess
Boys for Promotion
Manpower coordinators for events
Event Coordinators
Banner Boys/Girls
Welcome girls for events
Welcome girls for functions
Welcome girls for weddings
Welcome girls for religious events
girls/boys for government event
girls/boys for pamphlet distribution
looking for good looking hostess
Good looking girls for events
Girls for Trade Fair in Delhi


Male Anchors Female Anchors
Female Emcee
Male Emcee
Female Models
Low budget Models
High Class Models
Male Models
Aspiring Female Models
TV host/Presenter
Models for TVC shoot
Models for Teleshopping
Emcee for event
Anchor for event
Emcee for product launch
Anchor for product launch
Emcee for corporate event
Anchor for corporate event
Ahmedabad Female models
Delhi female models
Mumbai female models
Models in Delhi
Acting Jobs
Fresh Models in Delhi
Best models in Delhi
Boys for tradefair


Manpower for part time activity
boys and girls for promotion
Girls/Females/Hostess for corporate event
Boys/Male Promoters for corporate event
Girls for promotion
manpower coordination
event coordination
Lead Generation
Data Collection
compere for events
Temporary Staff
Bikers for events
Bikers for roadshow
Bikers for promotion
Russian girls
Russian girls for events in Delhi
Russian girls for events in Mumba
i Russian girls for wedding
Russian girls for corporate event
Russian girls for exhibitions
Russian girls for models
Foreign girls
Foreign girls/Models for events in Delhi
Foreign girls/Models for events in Mumbai
Foreign girls/Models for wedding
Foreign girls/Models for corporate event
Foreign girls/Models for exhibitions
Foreign girls/Models for models
Models Coordinator
Hostess for Trade Fair in Delhi

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